2023 Pocket Directory of the New York Legislature (NY23)

Available in March

2023 Pocket Directory of the New York Legislature (NY23)



Published Annually Since 1990 - Still the Best!

    Member Listings
  • Listing with Photographs of Assembly and Senate members
  • Additional member information including district, party affiliation, hometown, prior occupation, and year first elected
  • For both Capitol and District Offices: mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers
  • Committee assignments listed under each legislator: standing committees, sub-committees, joint committees, caucuses and other committees.
  • Legislator staff information: The most complete listing of legislator' staff members available in any legislative directory, list staff in both Capitol and District Offices
    Committee Listings
  • Committee staff with titles and contact information; listed under individual committees.
  • Listing by committee of standing committees, sub-committees, joint committees, senate select and special committees, senate task forces, caucuses and other committees.
  • Legislative members of each committee listed under committee name in order of position, then seniority on that committee.
  • Committee meeting times, phone, fax and room numbers.
  • Listings of Assembly Ways and Means committee staff, Assembly Majority Counsel office staff, Assembly Minority Counsel office staff, Senate Finance Committee staff, Senate Majority Counsel program services staff, and Senate Minority Policy Development & Counsel staff.
  • Governor and Cabinet, and their key staff.
  • New York's Congressional Delegation with DC and state office addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and key staff.
    Staff Listing
  • 50 page section that lists Legislative & Committee Staff in alphabetical order.
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